NEXT SOLO EXPO: You Say ‘Punker’, I Say ‘Painter’.





NewsFlash! Next Solo Expo! Check ya schedule! Everybody WELCOME!

NEW Canvas and WallPaintings @ BLANCO (GHENTCityCentre)!!!
Wallpainting are in my paintstudio! So you can check out the Paintstudio!

▷ donderdag 11/06 opening om 19h

vr 12/06 van 18h tot 21h
za 13/06 van 14h tot 20h
do 18/06 van 18h tot 21h
vr 19/06 van 18h tot 21h
za 20/06 van 14h tot 20h

Paddenhoek 12, 9000 Ghent

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